Wednesday, September 29, 2010

I got an awesome text with a sale code for useful bike stuff

A certain pretty well known bike messenger bag company is having a sale for HALF OFF RETAIL prices if you type in IBIKE2010 at checkout. What a great opportunity to justify buying a REAL bike backpack instead of dirtying up, wearing out, and disheveling all my regular backpacks on bike rides and can just keep my tubes and new CO2 pump thingy and pink tire levers and stuff in one place instead of trying to last minute unpack and pack up my backpack!

Initially I wanted the bag pictured above but it totally doesn't have it as an option to click on the white one for color choices :( Maybe they already sold out or maybe it is a programming error on the site because it seemed to have appeared and disappeared at some point when I was refreshing the I can't decide what kind of bag I want but I saw that white reflective one and my heart was stolen and now it feels like I've been teased and lied to. Maybe I'll get that one that looks more like a large unisex purse, or the classic messenger bag style. I'd get the hip pack like my friend Rifkin but I really like a girlier look in my fanny packs. I can't decide! Good thing the sale goes until the end of the day tomorrow!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Am I crazy for thinking this song isn't a typical Soft Cell song?

I really love this song since I was like 17 and I love it even more that whoever made this video of Tinky Winky from the teletubbies chose this song as their soundtrack. Makes me want to walk him around on a leash and parade him around town, or however they say it in the song. This is one of those songs that I really wish to hear if I go out to a gay club, and have dance sequences acting out the song ensue, but only in my imagination is that actually what happens at gay clubs. Maybe that's why I go for the blue long island iced teas when I actually go out to one.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

A New Blog For Me To Follow!

My good friend Liz is in Turkey for 9 months on a Fullbright and she made a travel blog (whose views do not reflect her program hehe) and admittedly this initially sounds pretty standard, but she's a good writer and she's one of my favorite people, so I'm following her blog and I'm telling all of you about it! Here is a really fuzzy picture of us video chatting on skype this morning. She has really hilarious headphone/mic combo that makes her look like some sort of pilot and makes me laugh! She only has a few entries thus far, but she's only been there for two weeks, but she's about to go to the city where she'll be staying for the remainder of the 9 months.

Oh yeah, and her boyfriend Erik is here in STL and I am totally trying to get him out and about so he claims that Liz is his connection to the social world. Really he has friends, but she is a social butterfly and he definitely has homebody tendencies! We've already had him sub on my bowling team one week and this past weekend we went on an awesome road trip adventure to a cyclocross race that got rained out in Herman, MO. I meant to post about that, btw, but I'm not sure I've uploaded the whole 5 pictures I took during the rainy overnight stay.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

All these colors are on my nailz

I sorta did this for the white flag projects Garth Weiser show that's opening this Saturday night. Come and I'll give you beer white wine and take yo picture, depending on what i get to do that night.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

I'm going to post this again because I think no one watched it

I keep trying to reference this Iron Maiden interview (that I posted sometime last month buried in three other videos and no one saw) where this girl is like "I totally read the wikipedia entry on Iron Maiden to do this interview" and seems kind of like turned on at the end when Bruce Dickinson (the lead singer and!) is like "all of our flights go out under the call code of 666..." and she's like "...the number of the beast..." all like sexy and aloof sorta...I sound horrible talking about this but take my word for it and watch it goddamnit. I love his old man haircut with perfect sideburns and that he has a second career that he integrated into his music career...totally makes him crushworthy. Anyways, they also made a MOVIE on flight 666 and you can watch it on youtube and go to their website and I'm totally going to rent it and maybe buy it because as we can see in previous posts I'm very obsessed with this idea of Bruce Dickinson being a pilot.


I like this video because you can watch it on mute and still get the same effect. Chilton flipped out and bounced off the wall and then my bed, I'm convinced it was the music...Sent to me by a very cute boy who likes kitties as much as me.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

After gateway cup at Liz and Erik's

After Erik tried to get onto my shoulders and no one thought that was a good idea, Peat Henry really stepped into one of his best entertainment skills and took Erik on his shoulders. It was a good labor day, and I was in bed before midnight after making some excellent cornbread.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Big wheel race at gateway cup

All the little kids races are so cute and hilarious. A catholic priest
is giving the little kids a blessing about skinned knees and elbows or
something and the mayor francis slay is sending them off and there was
just a false start and half of these kids end up crying at the end bc
they can't find their mommy it's so cute.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

What does this look like to you?

Because I'm the one who had to pause it and take a picture to make
sure it was NOT a drawing of a penis.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

A brief history of corpse paint

from here but really from here where you can buy the poster

WTF weird baby promoting cancer research?

You remind me of this bad anti-abortion billboard I saw here in Missouri that said something like "who holds the baby's hand while it's being aborted?" um, last time I checked even planned babies don't get they hands held when in utero. JUST SAYIN'! Does this baby gross anyone else out? JK!

Ps- I was google image searching "appendix" to try to find something funny and anecdotal to send to my 8 year old cousin who is one heck of a fun dancer a get well email to remind him that his cousin loves him even though his appendix exploded and he had to get some cool scars. I think I'm gonna change the terms of my search to "appendix cartoon" to find some nice 8 year old friendly email material.

Man claims he's "from the future" at the supercollider

I just can't help but believe everything I've seen in movies and laughing off "guys from the future" might be dangerous. Then again, that might be my love of low grade novelty movies and beer talking. Enjoy this article about this dude who has interfered with the supercollider one other time as well. The article says that he isn't the first person to do this either!


My amazing dinner tonight

Anya came over and brought two delightfully hoppy (A- rating on beer advocate) beers over that you can't get in California: Arcadia Ales' "hop rocket" (fucking so good and dark and there's that weird dark beer soy sauce hint taste I love) and Founder's "double trouble IPA" (which I've had before and quite like the label and the beer) and I tried to make beer brats on my foreman grill bc I bought this pack of bratwursts to a BBQ that had only 6 other people there and tons of kebobs. So I went home with a pack of bratwurst and no idea what to do with them. This is how it turned out:

I bought these Companion bread pretzel rolls, cut them in half, dressed them with wickles relish, and then topped the brats with some great hearty grainy seedy mustard. I put Trader Joe's sandwich pickles on the side. I really really want to learn how to pickle things like her work does. She works part time at Newstead Tower Public House. They have amazing pickles, among other things. Needless to say, it was a successful post night class dinner. I love cooking for Anya because she didn't eat any meat that didn't come from a fish or shell til we were about 22. So it's pretty good when I get to wow her, like tonight. She also makes amazing amazing delicious cupcakes which I haven't had since we were about 22 but I feel like it's gonna happen soon. Anyone willing to buy her fancy ingredients like almond paste and mascarpone cheese and fresh berries can probably talk her into breakin out that mixer.

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