Friday, October 29, 2010

Watch for our four loko costumes tonight

Spoiler alert, here we are as cans of four loko. Happy Halloween! UPDATE: here we are on

Just wait til you see my halloween costume.

I hope I don't have to explain it to any children. I am definitely not drinking the quatro crazy while wearing the jumpsuit, nor are Ann or Christine, who also made four loko costumes with me. We each drank our respective flavors on the full moon fiasco while wearing the costumes to be gimmicky, and we each turned out "drunker than I've ever seen you" soooooo uhhhhh don't need to do that again. I haven't posted anything on it yet because I hadn't really gotten a great picture, but here I'll post a few I snapped while in process of making them last week, and two of me wearing it to work last Saturday. My apartment is still laden with craft supplies. The purple one is mine and this is before I painted on the camouflage. The red costume is Christine's, and she is fruit punch. I've never had a topical Halloween costume before, four loko has been in the news SO much lately it's insane. At the bottom you will find by far the best news clip I've found yet on the subject.

For a minute I considered painting "Red Dye Number Kill You" on the ingredients list, based on something Ksteg's mom had said a few years ago while doing the dishes and it put us girls in stitches, but I've tried to retell that story a bunch and no one else thinks it's funny, so I didn't want to encourage myself to tell more pointless stories than I already do. I also hope I don't get too cold. I might just wear it throughout the entire weekend, only taking it completely off to sleep and shower. Actually that sounds kind of itchy. Well, Happy Halloween weekend! Have fun and safe party central time!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

My favorite Halloween costume year from when I was a kid.

I was a mermaid in our 1st grade class' rendition of "The Little Mermaid" as one of Ariel's sisters (I had maybe 1 line and some singing parts when we sing a song about being the princess mermaid sisters and then we can't find Ariel because she's a big flake who gets distracted by humans and shiny things) and my brother Ryan was a T-Rex (JURASSIC PARK probably came out that year) and my nephew Baby Brian was a very cool simple batman if I may say so. Or maybe he was just a bat. I wish we could see his batwings and my brother's dinosaur tail because it's awesome and stuffed. This was my first time wearing false eyelashes (they were tinsel and turquoise or rainbow, I can't remember which) and every year I wish I still had that costume. For those of you that don't know, I chipped my front left tooth not once but TWICE by pretending to be a mermaid at the bottom of a swimming pool.

My other nephew, Brendan (now 16) wasn't born yet, but when he was about 2 or 3 he got a batman costume and for (NO JOKE) about one or TWO YEARS of his life he insisted that his name was Batman and not Brendan, and would correct you if you said otherwise. He never took off his costume and my mom actually had to start buying him other superhero pajama like costumes so that she could wash it once in a while, and it was always right back to the Adam West Batman costume, velcro at the shoulders cape and everything. Makes me think of how much I loved Eartha Kitt as catwoman, the idea that this woman got to wear spandex suits and a mask and ponytail and have this awesome raspy voice and say things like "Purr-fect!" and flaunt her nails around was just hypnotizing to me. Surprisingly, I could find very little footage of her on youtube as catwoman but a ton of videos of her singing and interviewing...maybe I'll get lucky another time.

I really like this ad for some reason

Besides being very simple and beautiful, It is a perfect example of advertising evoking emotions in people. Whether you think that's good or bad is not my problem, but I like this commercial and I like Target's Pharmacy.

I actually started going to them for my prescriptions because of their awesome bottle design, but I stuck with them because I don't have to deal with all the bullshit I went through when I went to walgreens, which seemed like every time I went there they'd have a problem with my stupid insurance card that I already gave them last month, whereas Target would not only explain WHY there is a problem with it, they would offer consolation (ie "it's not you per se, this happens with a lot of insurance companies that do University health insurance.") and then go so far as to call the insurance company for me because they are used to talking to them and know how to get to the right people faster.

At walgreens, no matter what I would have to wait and if I was in a nice neighborhood there would be some rich lady yelling about how she can't go on her vacation without her xanax/klonopin (sp?) prescription and she could buy this whole pharmacy why is her insurance being declined and then of course plop down in the chair next to me and want to strike up a complainy conversation... and if I was in a ghetto walgreens you go through some other equally as annoying and creepy fellow customer interactions. Bottom line is this is another reason I love Target.


I found out about this guy on the news today and looked at his website (there's sound, so idk if sfw jk I just get in the mood to think it's funny to overuse abbrevs sometimes) and It is pretty bad as far as low tech low design but somehow they know how to put a song on there and insert animated gif letters and loop it all so I guess in theory they know how to do something. I can only hope that a teenager made it. 


There is also so much hype over this dude right now that there is a doll that's made of him and his album 'drops' on ELECTION DAY. All I gotta say is there's a reason I've got a thing for weird facial hair and it's because mostly it goes with awesome dudes, and that song is so catchy I left the site up for quite a while before closing it out, and I imagine I'll be singing it all weekend. Do you think it's too topical/racist to be him for Halloween?

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

why do i have to like things to wear that cost $195?

Thank god for being patient for like 6 months and then like H&M or Target or Forever 21 will come up with a compatible knockoff for like the under 20 dollars range. there are sort of a similar pair at urban outfitters but they are more hippie than "surprise! I am sort of quirky but still very high fashion because I'm only a little peek of quirk on this piece!" which is why these are sexy sexy sexy but I gotta resist the urge to lust over stuff like this all the time. If you want to drool over them too, they are Helmut Lang's lace leggings according to Barney's and they are a little bit on sale but not much at shopbop. F. U. fashion, why you gotta be so expensive?

Velvet Painting Necklaces

I found this rad person through searching for velvet paintings as reference imagery and I think I want to see someone I know wearing a velvet C3PO or Mr T or the like! Check out the entry I found this on and the girl's blog I found her through.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

What I love about Deviant art

I love coming across an image like this on a google image search and finding something awesome that a teenager made that conveys so much awesome angst and years that we all were embarrassed about. Every time I am like OF COURSE these are the kind of people that have deviant art accounts. Ps- all my impressions of what consists of a person that has a deviant art account come from my friend from digital arts class that had a web comic.




I like the sesame street version better

Taylor sent me this blog and I couldn't resist reposting all the funny images referencing this song. Also the author of that blog has a hilarious twitter and you should follow her if you use twitter. I can't believe it blew up so fast. I really wish I'd had the resources she has to make a song and music video when I was 9 years old that woulda ruled! No one has time like a kid! Onto the pictures:

Thursday, October 21, 2010

The biggest store in the universe!

1) With no context this is hilarious
2) This is my favorite billboard spot in St louis bc it's always for something local and it's always sold as a pair and rarely make sense without the other

Monday, October 18, 2010

I kind of want to go back and buy these blond joke fireworks

God lives at lazer tag in Belleville,IL

This is my cousin Lindsy Donahue

Mother knows best

Since my mom got an iPad, I'm tempted to have her take over my blog (not really) because she keeps sending me awesome shit that she knows that I will like...some free karaoke app with free lady gaga songs for one day only? A NYTimes article on fashionable USB drives? A an example of a map made exclusively of typefaces? All awesome shit that I would totally post on my blog just as easily if I'd found it on my own! I'm really glad we got past that phase where she'd see really ugly pillows in marshalls and tell me that it looked like "something you'd make" just because it had a bunch of sequins...never mind the weird paisley print in colors I wouldn't be caught dead in. I really wish I had my mom here while I'm feeling so sick ugh.

Sunday, October 17, 2010


Does anyone else find the male actor incredibly expressive/emotive through his facial expressions? I wonder if he's that charismatic or if he just was well directed in this commercial...

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Awesome Parody of My fave infomercial to make fun of lately.

Here's the original in case you have never seen it or don't watch TV. I keep making jokes with my friend Chelsea about it because I kept taking her out for her lunch break from work and she kept wearing this dress that her gigantor boobs (most large breasts sort of fascinate/weird me out because I've never had them and I'll never have them so I didn't start to notice them until maybe recent years) were like pouring out of, and although it was sexy, I kept thinking to myself about how distracting this must be for people that come into contact with her in the workplace. Now she rides her awesome sexy new bike to work so she wears less cleavagey outfits just by default, but I still like to make the cami secret jokes to her. We both like the parody better than the product though.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Dedicated to someone I miss a lot every day lately.

A bunch of kittens for Taylor for showing me this IKEA ad

At first I didn't think this was photoshopped but upon second glance it totally is. I wish it were not. I wonder how many kittens were in the original and how many are the same kitty in different poses. Here's the new IKEA spot where they just released a buttload of kitties into an IKEA store and just filmed them. I wonder how they wrangled all of them afterwards and how they dealt with kitty "accidents"...not pleasant smells I imagine.

Katy Perry's Playdate With Elmo Gets Cut Short!

I heard about this on the radio that Katy Perry re recorded her hit "Hot and Cold" to be a parody with Elmo, and it got pulled because of Katy Perry's outfit was deemed too revealing or inappropriate by parents. It's not gonna air but it still got a lot of publicity and it's still out, and Elmo got a reaction interview but embedding is disabled so if you wanna watch it I've linked you to it.

Here's Katy Perry on SNL in an elmo cleavage shirt after that:

Let me tell you a lil story bout the Harper Valley PTA...

This song has been stuck in my head since last night when a mom in a sexy dress and fuchsia hair on her boys' school board made a reference to Harper Valley PTA. I love love love the attitude and the short skirt on the album cover:

A few more great images of her:
Now that I see there's a movie for the song and the poster says People Magazine called it the "sleeper hit of the year" I kinda want to see the movie version now! Plus, I LOVE BARBARA EDEN so much that I have a tag dedicated to I Dream of Jeannie, which I TiVo on a regular basis. But I have a feeling that this youtube video montage kind of tells the whole story of the movie...

Friday, October 1, 2010

Nugget Popstar Covers.

I can't believe this is the 2nd video I found of like a tiny weird teenager with magnifying glasses doing a cover of a weird bad girl pop star song in their bedroom. I'm sorry it's from megavideo because they are all crazy with ads but this was too good not to post, I guess my lack of sleep this week has my sense of humor kinda warped? Although Avery (see the link to the earlier post I made about her video) is way more skilled in video editing and stuff, this video made me think of it and I looked up the other girl's website. I also like that she calls herself sleeping kitty productions. So cute.

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