Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Gaga or grandma?

My brother gave me these glasses because his girlfriend and I can't decide if they make me look cool like lady gaga or if they make me look like I just got my eyes dilated or I need cataract surgery or something. My family and I are going to San Diego (sandy eggo hehe) to go to the zoo and the science center to see the ultimate wave Tahiti IMAX with Kelly Slater or as I like to call it: the movie of hot bodies surfing way too close to your face. It is awesome. Sandy Eggo is also awesome and is so beautiful the only thing that makes it feel like a real major city are the freeways, and even those are lined with beautiful prickly pear cacti, eucalyptus trees, all sorts of beautiful plants! BALBOA PARK IS BEAUTIFUL!

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