Thursday, January 27, 2011

I have influenza and have been given doctor's orders to stay in bed until MONDAY

Being sick is like a stupid emotional roller coaster. I'm going through moments of "yay now I can finally watch this crazy trippy documentary I've been putting off watching so I can finally send it back to netflix" and "now I have an excuse to sit around in bed and read this awesome book and not feel obligated to go anywhere!" to like, extreme moments of sadness and loneliness where I should not actually see anyone because I might cry at any commercial that's too emotional or a facebook comment that is too funny.

I feel like a complete wreck. It is messing with my productivity and sleep cycle and my everything in a big way. I would not wish the horrible sounds coming from my lungs on anyone. Just as a warning, I may not make much sense over any type of correspondence over the next few days. I miss you guys already. It's a good thing that Chilton responds to "no, don't leave me!" just now because otherwise I would be having a serious snuggle deficiency. You might want to get a flu shot if you saw me in the past week.

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