Friday, January 7, 2011

I think you mean "Gay Best Friend Ken"

First of all, he looks like Zac Efron, who my dad recently asked "is that guy real?" while our family was watching 30 rock on demand and a trailer for that horrible looking movie where he plays catch with his dead little brother's ghost and looks wistfully into the sea from a sailboat.
Second of all, I am semi miffed at this Mattel toy for existing. When I was a kid (cuando era niña...) they came out with a talking barbie and I got it or some knock off version of it, and I left it on my swing set in the rain and the exclamatory remarks like "let's go shopping!" "you're cool!" and "you're my best friend" were forever muffled and demonic sounding, and my mom couldn't even get me a new one, because they discontinued the damn thing due to some girlchild who figured out how to re-record the damn doll to say "I hate school" and her dumb mom killed everyone's dreams by getting it taken off the market. So for a toy to exist that embodies my broken barbie voice distortion and the reason why it was taken off the market is simultaneously jealousy/hate issues inducing and awesome at the same time. I hope someone writes a gender studies essay on this doll.

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