Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Love songs about Eyes from 2 epic 80s teen movies

In case you don't get why the above photo is funny, here is a video of the scene from the movie "Say Anything" that all girls swoon over and wish the sweet young John Cusack as Lloyd Dobler would come below your bedroom window and play you a song on his giant boombox to win you back when you're sulking over your breakup with him.

The 2nd Song about Eyes is also from an 80s teen love story, this time Nic Cage is the cute new wave punker that crashes your party that he thinks is lame until he sees you and immediately plots to pluck you from the Sherman Oaks Galleria (fun fact learned from mom, who drove my sister to this mall around when I was born on a regular basis; mom reminds me every time we drive by that mall that poor Gary Coleman couldn't get any work in Hollywood anymore and he was forced to work as a security guard at the galleria!) in the valley, sneaks into the bathroom to get you after getting kicked out of the party and takes you right over those hills to a Plimsouls show (which you'd only know if you were cool enough to know that the Plimsouls dude was in the very awesome punk band The Nerves, who famously did "Hanging on the Telephone" before Blondie...you've got to be pretty cool for Blondie to cover your song and not change it much, am I right?) on the rad seedy part of Melrose (I think, it might be some other street but let's keep the fantasy going) and then you tell your friends how 'totally tripendicular' he is and then you guys fall in complicated different-sides-of-the-tracks hills teenage love. All set to a soundtrack that I still listen to songs from so much that I can't even remember why this is a key song...oh yeah, it's playing in the background of your lame party where Nic Cage first spots you.

If only the first 50 seconds of "Eyes of a Stranger" were not so lame. Every time it played in my car or something and someone was in the car who has not seen Valley Girl, I'd feel like the biggest lame-o in the world, which is part of why I am mostly unapologetic for my tastes these days. Forget about ever putting it onto a mix playlist you make for a cute guy and never give to him, because that's how I roll.

Other nostalgic gems from this soundtrack include:

•Sparks' Eaten By the Monster of Love plays during a great riding your bike over to a girl's house to take a shot in the dark at getting laid scene

•a sleepover with all your best friends and your nerdy little sister bumps into the record player and you call her a spaz because you were so rudely interrupted from your dance in jammies sesh to "Girls Like Me" a song that really speaks to the teenage bad girl in you.

•a song by a band called The Flirts called "(Don't Put Another) Dime In The Jukebox" that one time I sang karaoke (and no one understood that the song is sung badly on the recording too) and I still get all girl power every time I hear it,

•These songs called "She Talks In Stereo" and another called "The Fanatic" that I listen to in my car on the regular.

Watch this montage and I'll shut up.

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