Monday, January 10, 2011

My Very KittyPuppy Weekend

Friday I spent time with my cats on the couch before going out, and Chilton missed me so much from being away on holidays I had to take a picture of how bully cuddly he was being.

Saturday I went back to work at the gallery and Taylor brought Ollie (little one) as usual and Jessica tried out bringing Bennie, and they are both so weird socially with other dogs it was kind of a test, but they love each other so much we were making jokes about Bennie having a heart locket of Ollie's picture inside it dangling proudly from a collar.

Jessica, our Assistant Director, took these two pictures of me in our office right before Taylor and I went to street team the show cards for this month (which have a sale sticker dot in our signature day glo redorange-- and I really should know the pantone for that by now-- after 3 hours of me searching for video footage of me slapping people at CAMSTL we did as the inaugural front room exhibition that I don't think exists anymore aside from a three part video on YouTube, but I'm crossing my fingers that I'm wrong and a DVD will pop up, or someone magically sends me a dependable way to convert flv files to mp4 on a mac because I was having zero luck on saturday) and emailed it to me with the subject heading "Rocker, With Dogs" which still cracks me up.

Sunday I got up super duper early for a Sunday and went to Schnucks and then to my friend Jake's to help him cook for a "Super Grown-Up Bike Friends Sunday Brunch Of Delight" (which actually turned out to be super grown up feeling because all the women that attended looked super put together and had makeup on, thank god I decided to throw a bit of lipstick on) which turned out great and I can't wait to do something like this again. My friend Paul took this impossibly amazing picture of me (which I put through my awesome new camera app I'm too excited about, the colors were already amazing because Jake's loft has good lighting both natural and artificial) where I ask myself when did I grow infiniti symbol shaped shiny legs and become cotton candy Brigitte Bardot?! I still can't believe Kung Fu was sitting so still and Moses the Dog is making that cute puppy confused play with me face. Fu was really into playing with him until he creeped her out by trying to air hump her, which is why Paul wanted to snap this picture at all. I want to have many more weekends this winter that are as balanced as this one was.

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