Saturday, January 8, 2011

Speaking of twitter

I was learning about all sorts of things just from clicking on things in my twitter app, did you know they have definitions for trending topics? Oh you don't know what that means? I bet my twitter app could tell you!
#SorryThatWasABadExampleItProbablyWentOverTheCharLimit #MySpellCheckIsNowVeryConfused

This also reminds me that I really want to write a joke about how the little girl in Sleepless in Seattle really must be from the future (as in our present or near future) because she speaks in acronyms like the kind we use all the time on the Internet now. Watch I'll do it right now:
Bee tee dubs AKA BTW AKA by the way (duh! Because I think I remember her saying 'duh!' At the end of everything when no one knew what the hell she was talking about JK) remember yesterday when I linked you to the definition of LYT: love you too (like your tie?) or the other day when I had to look up "IMHO aka in my humble/honest opinion" bc my mom used it when she told me to take the porn off my blog (hey, the NSFW images are ATJ- after the jump- does that work?) or my all time favorite moment when the punk teenager in me wondered why the hell people were saying 'FUCK THE WORLD!' at the end of something awesome where it was no time to say FML (fuck my life) and google told me that it is a term MMORPG gamers use (right before they climax, I mean...) when the end move is in sight and they can safely proclaim 'FOR THE WIN!' and then I used my first trending topic on twitter which I still really want to make a "thing" (punks taking the term back!) AND made a palindrome at the same time(!) and said #WTFFTW: what the Fuck, Fuck the world.

But back to Sleepless in Seattle, I can't believe they fell in love via snail mail and then they had to put Meg Ryan opposite Tom Hanks again in "you've got mail" just to bring their AOL-2-IRL (in real life) weird romance to the 90's cyber age. HA, not as in LOL but as in How Annoying.

BRB BC I G2G do stuff at WFP (white flag projects) and no wonder everyone thinks we are getting dumber...we talk like stenographers type in shorthand! Does anyone learn that anymore? I wish I had a typographical assignment where I had to learn it and do something with it.


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  1. I thought they fell in love over telephone in SLEEPLESS IN SEATTLE? But it has been awhile since I saw it.

    YOU'VE GOT MAIL is a re-make of a Jimmy Stewart movie that also has the Wizard of Oz in it. It is pretty funny that these two movies were released in a row as virtual (no pun intended) sequels to one another.


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