Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Speaking of Valley Girls

I was born in a city called Tarzana that is right next to Encino, which they talk about in this video. It's really fun to write on doctor's forms, but even more fun knowing that deep down, no matter what I do, I am a valley girl by birthright. Check out this awesome video of real life valley girls in the appropriate time, judged by FRANK ZAPPA's daughter MOON UNIT ZAPPA!

I like how one of the guys they interview says "These girls are so sophisticated that when they go to the 7-11, they ask for the slurpee list, I mean, they are that uptown." Gag me  with a spoon, pshaw! While I used to end nearly every sentence with "yeah?" I think I've buried my Southern California accent in a small hint of St Louis Midwestern accent that my friends in CA always sound like they are imitating Minnesotans or Canadians when they try to imitate it. I Think most people I know in CA that still talk like this are SURFER DUDES hahaha.

It also kind of reminds me of that Nick Swardson joke about how girls love 80's parties and will go to an 80's themed party even if it's hosted by someone who's really evil and they weren't sounding that into going to the party, like, "well if it was an 80's party why didn't you just say so?!"

Now you can watch Frank Zappa and Moon Unit Zappa get interviewed about their song. I also like what videogum has to say about the above video.

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