Wednesday, January 12, 2011


My friend sent me this asylum post on Playboy doing a TRON themed photoshoot complete with a custom chopper to look like a light bike, and I kind of want every leotard/swimsuit/bedazzled onesie that they show in this behind the scenes pre post production after effects are added photoshoot video! Also, I know I bitched and bitched about the new tron acting like the original tron was its bastard disowned child, but after hearing that so many people I like and trust say that it's awesome and wanting to hear a theater's surround sound of a Daft Punk soundtrack, will someone please take me to see it in the theater? I have also never seen a new crazy version of 3d movies in the theater. I love Daft Punk.

Here is the video, and the closest thing to actual nudity that happens is that they are body painted over and they only show their backs and shoulders, so unless you click the link to Playboy's photos of the Tron shoot, you are cleared for landing and safe for work unless your IT person is smart enough to block out the most famous nudie magazine ever, which they probably are.


  1. I have been leaving open the Tron: 3D listings/showtimes on on a tab in my browser for days now, cuz I keep wanting to see it, and I gotta do it in the's not at the Hi-Pointe anymore unfortunately, but it's still here and there around town, let's go!

  2. ok, we'll get a group excited about it tonight and see what's a good day to go.

  3. SHIT! We definitely did not discuss this tonight at all. I can go tomorrow(today) afternoon (Thursday), Friday afternoon, Sunday afternoon/evening, et cetera!


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