Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Taylor and I are rounding up friends to go to Eagle Days to watch the Bald Eagles between 9 am and 3 pm. My friend Sarah 88 suggested that we get breakfast somehow or somewhere and then set off for the Old Chain of Rocks Bridge to view them. The flyer suggests you bring winter outdoor clothing, a camera and/or binoculars, and family and friends. Taylor said there is some sort of taxidermic eagle that they bring so you can see and feel one up close, and a real live eagle that's not for touching, or something else cool, all I know is that I'm going, and it would be cool to have a bunch of friends go along! Should be great people watching even if we can't see the birds! You can look at these pictures or these pictures my friend Trent sent me to get excited about seeing eagles!

Here is the MO conservation video about Eagle days, which doesn't actually tell you much:

Here is the soundtrack in my car on the way there, with group singalong:

Saturday is going to be a very very fun activity filled day and night!

PS- While trying to find an awesome eagle picture I found a weird website that redesigns everything in the font copperplate gothic bold, and they did the twitter logo with an eagle instead of a bird and I almost threw up in my mouth a little because the caption is "look how much more awesome it is now!" or something...


  1. That sounds TIGHT! When are you guys going?

  2. Not sure but Taylor and Sarah both like to do things early so I'd bet on setting your alarm that day.

  3. The earlier the better! I gotta get to that Trivia Night out in Whereversville later on anyway!


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