Thursday, February 10, 2011

Demolition Lesley Gore

Was the name of the idea I had for a satirical tribute band project when I was 18 and first moved to St Louis because I was so baffled and mystified at Lesley Gore's lyrics turning the other cheek to things like cheating and chalking it up to "That's The Way Boys Are" and in "Maybe I Know" (below) she says "deep down inside he loves me, though he may run around, deep down inside he loves me, some day he'll settle down!" and then pulling something out that deepens that attitude that my Dad would always say about his own mother: "She thinks DENIAL is a river in Egypt!" with songs like "Sunshine, Lollipops, and Rainbows" On that note, let's watch this live version of "Maybe I Know":

OH yeah, did I mention she came out as a lesbian at some point in time? Which is awesome because they had her singing all sorts of hits about boys and love and writing open letters to boys on her album covers and interviews that I've read say that her main interest in life as a teenage girl are boys boys boys, and I mean, her big hits are "It's My Party" (and I'll cry if I want to) where Johnny and Judy ruin her bday by walking in together "and what a birthday surprise, she's wearing his ring!" and the sequel being "Judy's Turn to Cry" because "Johnny's come back to me!", but then she pulls out these mean sticking up for herself crooners like the wildly covered "You Don't Own Me" (including by Quintron, Klaus Nomi, Joan Jett, and The First Wives Club! I dare you to click on that last link and try to watch the whole thing haha) and the breakup angry F-U song "I Don't Care"... the combination of all these dynamics makes Lesley Gore a total point of fascination for me.

The name Demolition Lesley Gore was actually a play on words of an 80s hair metal band from LA that was called Demolition Gore Galore that my dad's friend Walter I worked for in high school was in, one of their only releases being from the year I was born. I looked it up and it's at least chronicled as a rarity so that's pretty exciting, especially since they have it available for download on this hair metal blog and I haven't heard it since I was 17 and Walt played it for me on cassette and showed me all the pictures of them wearing crazy outfits and stuff. So I thought it was funny to reference something so obscure but personal and urelated all at the same time in a tribute band name.

I'll leave you with a prize for sitting through all of this, and if you're some of my friends that don't read things if they're past a certain length, well then, you're missin out! Here's of the moment hip band you should know BEST COAST, covering a song that I've tried to sing at Karaoke joints with the apology "I know it's on the list, but for some reason we just don't seem to have it" from the Karaoke DJ...I give you:

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