Thursday, February 10, 2011

Glamour Shots aka JonBenet age progression milk carton image

I can't seem to find the original post where I show you this Glamourshot of me that many of you have already seen if you've ever seen my phone background that is NOT my cat Chilton bearing little vampire teeth....but while I was helping my parents move into a new house this summer, I found these photobooth images that I took of myself at the mall the same day that I got the GLAMOURSHOTS with my cousins and my grandma, so I could have yet MORE pictures of myself in too much makeup and hairspray. Unfortunately,as you can see, I proceeded to put them through the wash by accident. Well, it happened, and I'm so glad that my Grandma loves cheesy sparkles and selfsploitation as much as I do, because we got to do this. Can you tell that it's me?

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