Thursday, February 10, 2011

Google Demo SLAM is so awesome

You're going to want to bookmark [GOOGLE DEMO SLAM] right now. It's all these videos of people using free services that Google offers and doing awesome shit with it. I just watched like 15 of them in a row, I'm definitely bookmarking to watch next time I'm bored, procrastinating, lonely, sick, or anything else I've been this winter. Here is the first one I saw, where three animators made an animation using Google Docs Presentations and nothing else! Frame by frame animation with graph shapes and words!

Others I watched:
  • a kid was on a 20 foot skateboard ramp and spoke a voice search into his friend's phone who was standing on a ladder at the top of the halfpipe 
  • microbiologists color bacteria with Google logo colors and "grow" google's logo in a pitri dish and then take a photo and change the background to their Google Homepage (I so have to come up with something awesome next time I'm bored)
  • two asian guys used google street view to race one another across the country
  • someone used phonetic sounds in google translate to make the computer speak beatbox sounds over the speaker
  • a dude gave himself a haircut by setting up two laptops facing the front and back of his head and used google video chat
  • google translate over loudspeakers to dictate a bingo game to a room full of elderly (presumably) eastern europeans
  • Maria Sharipova asks questions on a multiple choice test to her cell phone's google voice service and has to hit balls at guys holding signs that were either A B or C
  • kid brothers playing that "chubby bunny" game where you stuff marshmallows in your mouth until Google Voice can't recognize that they're saying "chubby bunny" anymore.

Then I finally got hungry and realized I had wasted like an hour on videos. Ok now I have to get back to work so I can go to bed. See you tomorrow morning, blog.

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