Thursday, February 17, 2011

Happy Fashion Week, I found a single topic blog that makes hilarious commentary on the fashion and modeling industry

I took probably too many screen shots but they were all making me laugh on the inside. Plus I like photographer Terry Richardson and they seem to equally love him as much as they love poking fun at his creepster persona. The first one below alludes to exactly the reason my mom stated for not letting her naturally tall and awkwardly thin child get into modeling. I recently saw something that said "There's a Special Place in Hell for Fashion Bloggers." and I was not immediately going to disagree with that statement, even if I'm guilty of fashiony posts every so often, I think blogs that are only about fashion get a little bit boring and hard for more than just fashion people to relate to or want to read, kind of like fashion school or their industry! So, it was immensely refreshing to find a blog that has a pretty insider's perspective and also makes fun of everything.


The above image you might not understand as a joke unless you are familiar with famous acclaimed teenage fashion blogger Tavi, who the fashion world loves so much she's probably front row at most of the fashion week stuff. I like when she had pastel seafoam green hair, I wish I could make my hair that color, but I don't know what colors I'd mix together to get it.

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