Friday, February 25, 2011

I heard this awesome song that I really want and the album isn't out yet :( But then I found some free mp3s so YAY

Yesterday evening Taylor was driving me home and The Space Parlour was playing on 88.1 KDHX FM and I was trying to identify this awesome shoegazey sounding song with my Soundhound app, and it kept saying it couldn't identify that song, no matter how many times I tried it. At first I thought it was only because shoegazey sounding songs typically have so many effects on them it might be a little muddy for the software to figure it out, but after coming home and looking at the playlist to see what the song was and tirelessly searching for a way to find that song on the internet, amazon told me it doesn't come out until March 1st! NoOOooooOOoo.

The band is called Papercuts and they are on Sub Pop Records. They have other records too, I assume they are as cool sounding. I was originally just going to find the song and send it to my friend who I'm always trying to impress with emailing him songs but this is too good not to share with everyone!

Amazon has another song off their new upcoming album "Fading Parade" for FREE!!!!

RCRDLBL has 4 additional FREE tracks from this band if you wanna hear how their other albums might sound! [4 FREE SONGS YAY!]

Here's the song "Chills" that started me on this mission, and I still like it better than any of the ones I downloaded and listened to so far:

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