Monday, February 7, 2011

I want CANDY....Chcolate truffle pattern pictures

Gonna paint some nails to look like chocolate truffles so looking up pictures of patterns. Will someone buy me chocolate (heart shape box optional) or make these truffles with me for Valentines Day? I have like at least 3 girlfriends with birthdays on or bookending Valentine's Day and I should probably just do something nice for them, but of course it's one of those holidays where it makes you feel awesome if you have plans. I also have a huge sweet tooth. Anya says she is learning how to "temper" chocolate so she might have to bring me some home.

Maybe my parents will send me some SEE'S CANDIES truffles or carmels and nuts or maybe a bordeaux heart yummmmm. See's Candies is definitely something to miss about CA and NV, and I even know what most of the flavors are going to be inside just by the way they pattern them...told you I have a sweet tooth.

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