Friday, February 4, 2011

The image that sparked it all

I love tights (and leggings and leotards and thigh high socks and disco/equestrian pants that I wear every day pretty much and thank you to dove and company) and I love the model too (Faye and Coco wearing matching outfits at Mariah's birthday party giggling over the unicorn dolphin Lisa Frank esque cake I made--also pictured-- is still just making my heart overflow with giggles and rainbows!) and I love their old Volkswagen ad style serif typed big headline but small sans serif copy ad feel of some of the American Apparel ads and yeah, everything is pretty much doing it for me lately. Except that I am having a weird night of sleeping or not sleeping before I fly to Reno today to see my immediate family. Wish me luck in my travels!

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