Thursday, February 10, 2011

Long Long Ago, When I used to make Taylor Pose By Everything

Ok, I won't lie, I still do that. But I was looking through old pictures and wanted to tell this story about how we got sent on an errand at White Flag to buy popcorn for a movie series we were running, and we were off to some store in North County that exclusively sold junk food.

When we got there, the store owner greeted  us as if we were the only customers of the day, like we had a golden ticket and someone was offering us test market flavor change gum and soda that makes you float and break the rules. It happened to be the one day of the year that all their vendors gathered in a room complete with convention center booths with table skirts, and everyone was giving us the full hospitality treatment as if we were actually store owners or I don't know, planning to stock a snack bar for a little league organization, or at the very least something way more official than getting sent over to buy popcorn by our founder and director (and friend) Matt who did a google search and sent us on kind of a wild goose chase. All over popcorn. Popcorn that ended up having to be thrown out because a mouse got into it! If I remember correctly, some of this popcorn was colored with green butter flavored food coloring for whatever reason. We probably got talked into it and felt bad because they'd been giving us a bunch of free stuff.

So back to the free stuff, the whole time we were getting wooed by cotton candy and super pretzel and cookie sandwich and hot dog and slush puppie representative alike, we just could not keep a straight face. I never posted the pictures, and haven't been back to that store since, but while I was at the dentist today I heard an ad on the radio for a free raffle at the gun show for a breast augmentation, and I took a picture of a very similar billboard that very day a few years ago, so I just had to post these for a laugh.

Oh and I thought I'd throw in some Taylor posing by things pictures, just for good measure. Matt is going to be so horrified by how much extra padding and painty old clothes he has on in this picture, he's since lost a bunch of weight, bought a whole spiffy wardrobe, and moved to NYC part time. The 2nd picture is from one of my favorite shows at CAMSTL of a bunch of shiny and sparkly shit from Olivier Mosset and John Armleader, and the last is in our (then much messier, pre Jessica organizational heydays) White Flag office when Taylor presented me with my 22nd birthday gifts.

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