Wednesday, February 9, 2011

My dentist's sign looks a little like an adult video store...

I'm in getting my temporary crown taken off and they'll put in my first gold molar... My dentist looks like Leland Palmer from Twin Peaks after his hair turns white (pic below) and when he learned that I'm in school for graphics he told me that before he decided that dentistry was his passion, he was going to be a commercial artist and that he usually ends up doing the graphics if something needs to be changed for their website or anything. I like that the sign looks real sexy.

While on laughing gas the first time I came here a few weeks ago, I texted my mom "OMFG I AM SO HIGH!" just to be funny because that's got to be the only instance where that sort of thing is totally ok. I also resisted the urge to ask the dental assistant if sometimes she thought of her job like a tiny car wash in people's mouths and if she sung the disco hit "at the car wash" while cleaning teeth. That might have not gone over so well. I wonder if I will need laughing gas and anesthetic shots today, their needle is big and scary.

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