Wednesday, February 9, 2011

My friend Scott Ogilvie is running for alderman in 24th ward of St Louis City

He is also having a fundraiser for his campaign tomorrow night (Thursday, February 10th from 7-9 PM) at friendly neighborhood cyclist themed bar, Handlebar on Manchester Ave. in the Grove Neighborhood in Forest Park Southeast! If you haven't been there, you should go! It's smoke free, has a patio with a fire pit, a friendly staff, the cleanest pool table I've ever seen, weird bikes to look at including a penny farther old timey bicycle with tinsel tape woven in the spokes, an excellent beer selection including about 15 different $3.50 Missouri bottles to choose from, even cheaper "mystery beer", and a KILLER amazing shrimp pizza that I dream about when it's not there. Below is the flyer and some related links if you'd like to learn more about Scott's campaign. 


I personally know and trust that knowing him from cycling, both for fun and racing, that he shows up when you want him to (he and his wife come to all the art openings at the gallery I work at), is a determined dude with a heart of gold (he places very high in almost every bike race he enters, and I've seen him do Mountain, Road, and I think even Velodrome Track racing if I'm not mistaken), will keep up with you or slow down and chat with you on Full Moon Fiascos, he is an innovative guy (he and a few friends are currently starting up a company that turns any ol tennis shoe you like to be compatible with the kinds of pedals that racers and messengers clip into without strappy cages, so you no longer have to look dorky or bring your change of shoes), and enough about what a great friend Scott is, here is the map of the ward he is running in (that if you enlarge, you'll see he's computer savvy enough to have drafted himself!) so you can check to see if you can vote for him:

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