Friday, February 4, 2011

Ominous reboarding in crazy weird twilight zone jet lag haze 'Gate 1' at LAX

The 11 of us continuing on the flight to San Jose (and me to Reno after Much. Flying.) got to get off the plane and get something to eat and it was super weird walking out into this bygone era windy bendy hallway, and then another hallway with what I can only assume is grad student artwork if it's well crafted enough to be in lightboxes and small flatscreen TVs and giant prints framed with plate glass but names I've never heard of and less than 5 artists and concepts and signage and artist statements about "series" that definitely scream art school (see 3rd pic for example, which is taller than me) and a TSA employee with a TCB Elvis Presley pin who gave me the weirdest look when he took down my last name to get back on the plane because it turns out we have the same last name only with different spellings! Also, how weird is that billboard with a fake guy installing the billboard advertising non stop daily flights to was really surreal being in such a large airport but so close to cars driving by! I can't wait to be in Reno, my family is gonna be so excited I'm gonna have a nephew plastered to either arm and I'm happy to report that I'm 50 pages into the new Steve Martin book that she sent me for Xmas. Get ready for all sorts of posts about my childhood and weird Nevada HL stories! I can already tell my phone might go dead, good thing the Reno/Tahoe airport is so tiny and I'm not hard to find!

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