Friday, February 25, 2011

Someone buy me this guardian angel bike necklace

In about a month it'll be St Patrick's Day, which I always get depressed over the past few years because not only was it then that my Great Uncle Ed died (who acted as a dad to my mom and a grandpa to me since my mom's dad died a year before I was born) but also because this year will mark 2 years since my big crazy bike accident where I broke my skull and elbow and almost died and spent days in the hospital and then months in a neck brace, sedentary, and still kind of have some residual bad attitudes and fears and anxieties and other things that hold me back over it or make me afraid to live to the fullest, even if that makes no sense because I was allowed to live. Basically I'm bummin hardcore lately. I'm sort of productive by myself, but also very slow at working, very behind on stuff I should have finished, I'm not wanting to do much, and the things that I do want to do socially, I feel like no one wants to do with me or get excited about or believe me that it will be fun. Maybe the dog parade this weekend and some good lectures at the student AIGA conference will snap me out of it. Maybe.

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