Tuesday, February 8, 2011

You won't believe how much nail polish I own (or maybe you will)

Right off the plane, very little (meaning almost none all weekend) sleep, sorting out my nail polish and planning which color combos go with which painted beer cans for this photoshoot Ann has been so kind to help me realize. I'm getting to the ready to be done/running out of time point on this project, but I'm kind of exhaustedly excited about it still because I know these photos are going to look awesome. I wish I had the idea to paint exclusively on fake nails BEFORE 2 of my models backed out last minute. Well girls, your hands can still be in it, because we haven't made much progress since we had so many setbacks like snow days and flu quarantine and work shifts and going out of town! I think I also really want a wider variety of skin tone because all of us are super pale thus far and I have some really neat neon color combos that'd look way cooler on much darker skin, not to mention the two cans that are paired with phrases about unsurpassed skill or artisan something or another that have chocolate truffle like designs on them.

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