Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Chupa Chups 18+ concept suckers made me think of an embarrassing story

Remember Chupa Chups? The lollipops? They've been around forever and their logo evolution (below) is in all sorts of design books and stuff, and their print ads are always kind of cool too.

As a kid in the 90's I got super into collecting and eating delicious chupa chups when The Limited Too store carried Spice Girls lollipops (below) and I ate so many of them that when they stopped making them my mom finally broke down and bought me the giant tin of milk cream varieties tin at Costco because that's her favorite store. I kind of want a strawberries and cream one just thinking about it.
"Chupar" is the Spanish verb for "to suck" which is why their brand of lollipops is so appropriate, but when I learned the meaning of the word in high school Spanish class when I was 15 or 16, so of course there were a lot of giggles and secret jokes when that was on the test. It probably did not hurt that I had a huge crush on my 26 year old surfer Spanish teacher who was also one of the art teachers, so I wonder if I tried to say anything inappropriate when asked to use some words from that week's vocabulary in a complete and grammatically correct sentence. Eep! It is so embarrassing to admit that we were ever teenagers, because we all do stupid shit like that. It makes me feel even more embarrassed now that I am good friends with a good looking Awesome Substitute Teacher (that I think might be turning 30 this month!) and it sounds horrible when he gets pretty much verbally sexually harassed by teenage girls way too often at work.

So, why I bring up this embarrassing story, is because a Moscow-based creative firm called Firma concepted out a line of Chupa Chups that are adult novelty inspired. The photos look really slick, even if they look a little sharp to put in your mouth, so I had to show em!


  1. Salvador Dalì designed the Chupa Chups logo. I think it's funny to pronounce the "U" in "Chupa" long like oooo but the "U" in "Chups" short-wise like "uhhhh." CHOOPA CHUPPZ!

  2. Ah I know that but forgot in the moment I posted this, THIS is why you'll do well on the Aiga trivia team!


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