Monday, March 28, 2011

Doehands' first typographic animation

I made this last week and did more to it today because I had extra time between Thursday's critique and tomorrow's leftover group (which I fall into) so I couldn't resist posting it before I turn it into my Text and Image class tomorrow. I am happy with the way that it turned out but I am never really ever excited about the critique and explaining of concepts part. Our teacher and visiting artist T8 (that's how I like to write his name, not him) is in a group show at Snowflake Gallery on Cherokee St and it's a pretty rad show if you get the chance to see it. Our whole class is organizing a show at Los Caminos (my friend Cole's apartment where he curates shows with our other friend Francesca, they do a great job) on April 23rd that I'm sure I'll get more excited about participating in as it gets closer. I already have tickets to see Lightning Bolt at the Luminary Arts Center that night, a friend of mine from high school will be in town that weekend, and my friend Paul gets back from the Ukraine that also so hopefully everything works out smoothly even though I have so much going on that weekend. I wonder if I made something animated like this for the show how I'd get to display it. Details, details. Sigh.

Do you guys like it?


  1. When I first saw it I was all stoned and it was late and it loaded slowly so I was all like, "Whaaaaa!?" but then I was all like, "Ahhhhhh." I like it. Very cool.


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