Sunday, March 27, 2011

Giant Birthday Jenga

Julie had her birthday and we played giant jenga at this bar next to Jake's lofts building, which I hope is a birthday standard for any of us now, I'm totally going to play giant jenga with them around my birthday too! I knocked it over a few times, once when it was not even my turn, and Jake and Jeff and Tad kept doing sexy dances around Julie's laughing munchkin head when she would get low to pull a jenga block, it was hilarious. Julie's the same age as my older sister, and she's just as sweet, supportive, hilarious, and lovable as my sister Caryn, so it helps to use her as a big sister that's closer than all the way in Reno. She also keeps me from doing anything too stupid sometimes, which is also an excellent quality in a surrogate sister. Happy Birthday and four cheers to good friends!


  1. I'm not sure we should ever go back to that bar. The first time we all went, Jake lost his keys. This time, I lost my phone.

    Bad things happen after playing giant Jenga.

  2. Well remember you were saying that the next time the three of us hang out you were going to cancel because it's your turn to lose something? I had no idea it'd really happen.


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