Friday, March 4, 2011


And yes, it is that S&M. I want every outfit in this video I'm pretty sure, but mostly just the one where she's in the room with all the security cameras and eating popcorn. I can't believe this is a pop song with lyrics like
Cause I may be bad, but I'm perfectly good at it
Sex in the air, I don't care, I love the smell of it
Sticks and stones may break my bones
But chains and whips excite me
I've got to admit that I misheard the lyric "Love is great, Love is fine, Out the box, Outta line" as "I've been boxed outta line" like in reference to the domestic abuse in her relationship with Chris Brown.

It also reminds me a lot of when I posted about obsessing over Beyonce's "Why Don't You Love Me?" and seems to employ a lot of the same techniques or effects as "Telephone". I actually found out about this video from seeing the animated gif below on a blog I was looking at of this like 20 year old girl that was a weird parallel universe younger than me that I wasn't sure if I liked but also had purple hair and a nail polish obsession and sparkles and sequins on her tumblr background, along with some other similarities, but the videos of herself eating caramels and being part of an age group that thinks it's ironically funny (or at least I hope so because you people should be embarrassed you ever obsessed over this) to talk about how into Pokemon they were, but at least I got this gif and sweet jam out of it, because I had to run away from my twilight zone younger twin fast, and wasn't altogether sure why.

Now, can anyone tell me where this gif comes from? I only want to find out about awesome music videos from animated gifs from now on. Just kidding. But really, tell me if you know.

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  1. the bottom girl is nicki minaj and she had rad hair. i've been watching her shit lately but don't know what song this is from dear. sorry doe hands!


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