Thursday, March 3, 2011

Just made this for my brother and took a video of my cat

I've been really into doing crappy quick LOLcat style writing on pics I find on the internet, and it kind of sucks that when you save them out in anything but a PDF the type rasterizes and it's all crappy and pixellated, but not pixellated enough to look like it's on purpose, so I gotta figure out that part because I've been making a lot of these quick little things for friends lately, or really just for my brother Ryan and my friend Paul so far, but it's kind of all I want to do lately, find pictures on the internet and "caption" them to make my friends laugh and feel special.

I also took a 50 second long video of Chilton because he was twitching and kitty dreamin, and making funny noises after I woke him up. So I made a boring cat video, but I figure it's fair to do that if it's short. This is too long actually for what it is, but he loves me so much I can't help it. I should just be saving up boring video like this and make a Maru style video because then people actually might love it or see why you love your cat, and let's face it, cat videos aren't really worth posting unless everyone's going to love them. But I do it anyways, for the time being.

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  1. make them in illustrator and place the image so its linked and not in the file and then when you save it or export it the text will not get like that and the file wont be so big


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