Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Racially Offensive Anti Abortion Billboard Taken Down In Soho in NYC



NY Times put out an article about this raising questions of censorship.

According to a NY Daily News article, the mother of the girl in the stock image featured in the ad is furious and wants a public apology for how her daughter was used in the ad.

I went to the website of the group that bought the billboard and they have a link addressing the taking down of the billboard as well, but I didn't download or read the press release about it. They also have several other harshly worded taglines, I'm kind of more pissed that a pro-lifer group got this sunny easter egg color palette in their brand identity, it's easier to ignore/dismiss/not have an opinion about these kinds of billboards when they aren't terribly well designed.

"The billboard was offensive, especially during Black History Month," the Rev. Al Sharpton said.

If you're not the reading type, here's a video the Associated Press put out addressing the controversy:

Living in the Midwest I see billboards that employ anti abortion harsh offensive tactics all the time (most of the time it contains something horribly medically inaccurate/impossible like "Abortion gives you breast cancer" on Southbound 55 WTF?!) so much so that when I went home to CA and saw the positive way Planned Parenthood advertises, I immediately snapped a cell phone pic and sent it to my friend who used to work for PPSLR, who responded with the same sort of refreshing surprise that I did when I saw the "someone you know is planning their pregnancy" tagline, since she had to deal with extreme protesters while she is just going to work, and they often get a rep for only the terminating pregnancies part, not the helping women get regular OB/GYN healthcare on sliding scale billing part that's awesome. A billboard here with a positive message about pregnancy planning from a widely used and respected organization just feels like it would get vandalized by anti abortion groups, or all the billboard space around it might get bought up in an attack move, who knows...but it all would not surprise me.

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