Sunday, March 27, 2011

Snowy Quiet Street From A Different View

I still can't believe It SNOWED so much this late in March! Most of it melted but gee whiz! I even got to have the most fun snowball fight ever, no one even did monkey in the middle or stole my gloves or whitewashed snow in my face or any of the mean things my friend's older brothers and their friends used to do to us as kids in the winter in Reno. It was awesome except the part where Jeff lost his iPhone in the snow and we all looked for it for blocks and blocks to no avail.
When I got home last night I heard some noise upstairs and remembered that my upstairs catty-corner neighbor Madalyn was having a dance party, so I hopped on up the stairs and danced with my neighbors and then we stayed up too late complaining about our rent increase.

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