Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Strange Superhero SFW Semierotica Confuses my Doebrain

My friend Lynn linked to a picture of X-Men's Wolverine to reference his costume, and all I could think was "too many muscles..." and then was like "I wonder if there's a tumblr out there of pictures of girls in sexy versions of male superhero/villain/scifi/generallyawesomenerdfodder...

So the only thing I could think to google was "sexy superhero costumes girls" and I gave up on my search when I saw that all the results were pretty much coming from costume stores, and then I changed it to "sexy superhero girls" and saw the weirdest trailer ever on a confusing seems like from all the crotch shots that it should be a porno trailer, but not only is it oddly too completely SFW to be any kind of pornography... I read the site info and it turns out it IS that innocent and they are like fully clothed, super hero themed, rescue/capture or get beat up by the super hero girl semi erotic videos... but they still make a point that it's "intended for adults" so I'm confused.

I had to tell someone I found it because I felt weird about it. The combination of fake punching and kidnapping a fully clothed girl in regular clothes and in superhero garb and then holding up a taser/baseball bat/object of potential harm to her but instead of hurting her with it, she says something sassy and insulting back to the threat, like "Compensating for something?" with no repercussions on either all brings up a really odd combination of activities in all sorts of opposing directions. It's like really weird fan fiction erotica with no payoff...Here is an example:

I decided that I was overanalyzing it and that I'd rather go watch Superfun Yeah Yeah Rocketship's "I like Marvel, You Like DC" video, which is a really great fun song that I love so much, I've referenced it before in an old post. This is better for you to watch than the poorly made awkwardness above, this awkward at least has some of my friends in it:

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