Friday, March 25, 2011

This Reminded Me of That: Hahaha acne.

This text message my good friend Anya sent me the other day reminds me of this one time I was 19 or 20 and my cousin Marden invited me to party with his entire dorm floor (where most of the booze got confiscated no less than a minute before we got into their elevator (and my friend Jess managed to get into a "you ignorant freshman frat rat" yelling match/argument with one of his unsuspecting suite-mates) after returning from the most embarrassing grocery store moment I've ever had, where a 19 yr old me spent all my being's energy pretending not to be associated with the three clearly 18 year old boys going through the checkout line in front of me, trying to buy a SHOPPING CART full of enough 30 pack beer cases to overfill the giant cart (I think maybe the yelling match was over their choice in coors light and the politics of the company that owns them, come to think of it now) and several handles of various haphazard liquors. NO mixers. Yup. The RA or whoever it was that made off with confiscating their contraband booty--save for letting them keep one of the coors light 30 can packs of beer--clearly went and had quite a party of their own for free that weekend.

Here's a little background on why this made me think of that. Anya and Marden actually graduated high school in the same class, and then from a much larger class of college with my good ol Ksteg. He is responsible for giving me my family nickname of Feather or "That Feathergirl with the blue dress at Grandma Reilly's House" when at the 1990 Reilly Family Reunion apparently I bit him or something else evil that I got away with as a 4 year old. My Aunt Nancy is the only family member besides my younger brother that will confirm that She recognized my evil bitch streak (my mom's reaction to telling her this: "you were TWO!") if you get her drunk and talk about awesome rock concerts she went to in the 70s, but please do not get into a fight with her over how she partied at the legendary (and apparently controversial) Pruitt Igoe like one of my (former architect) professors/family friends did one year at the annual Wild Turkey Party the evening before Thanksgiving ...that was a hard one to diffuse.

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