Friday, March 25, 2011

This was the face I MEANT to make AKA I must stop making this face in pictures

This morning I was catching up on pretty much my favorite blog ever: --which I like to put off going to for a long while so there are more brilliantly hilarious musings and captioning for me to read when I do get around to checking it--and low and behold, yesterday's image was the face I meant to make in the picture my friend Jeff posted on his Super Happy Funtime Blog with the embarrassing caption of "Love Birds?" on Saturday night, which I've added a lovely drawing for my mother's fridge to help her diet so she loses her appetite every time she reaches for food (wow, what an excellent excuse to use for telling dirty jokes on my blog! I think I'll make a "diet tips for my parents" tag so I can just let loose! Jk!) but really to deter myself from continually making this face in pictures. We went to this horrible bar with a cartoon pepper mascot and a mixed shots list that was so long it could be mistaken for that wallpaper trim people put just below their crown moulding so we could meet up with Jake's brother.

Jeff and Jake's friend Will was in town from I forget where for his spring break, and at some point just was ruthlessly hitting on me, showing me his belly button and telling me not to laugh and I could not keep a straight face because there was no way anyone could safely assume that I would take the bait, even just for the fact that I'm pretty sure I'm a good six inches taller, and anyone that knows me well knows that my back hurts too much to stick around for long if I'm made to be the little spoon to someone with a shorter spine than me. I would make jokes about my "type" but that's someone else's job, I hate being pigeonholed with labels, and I hate giving away the answers. I have no idea if he was serious about the relentless shower of affection or not, but it was making everyone laugh and have a great time on a rainy, rainy night so I guess that's cool, except that in this other picture Jeff took where we are taking a break from dancing to pose, his chin is definitely on one of my boobs. You have to earn that privilege, but I guess being at eye level it'd be unfair to place blame. Let's all laugh together so that next time this sort of thing happens and my friends aren't Assholes who won't do what a brother, cousin, boyfriend, or anyone who REALLY loves me would do and RESCUE me or tell a dude to cool his jets, my lean is more severe and I try to look less excited. Cheers! TGIF! HLD

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