Monday, March 14, 2011


So I saw this promo tonight on Cartoon Network, and got super happy for our friends Paper Rad because now everyone gets to watch how cool they are on TV! Problem Solverz will air on Mondays in April!

Here's a little something longer that they posted to YouTube:

I guess it should be mentioned that this is different from the first version of the Problem Solvers (video example below) which I got on DVD when I last ran into or hung out with Jacob (who was there with David Kidney for their project Extreme Animals) in 2008 at SXSW, when we had a blast with Brian Gibson and Rich of Wizzards and some other people. I am not sure if I ever posted the pictures because I think I didn't start my blog until a few months after that, but they're not on this computer anyways.

Anyways, I recently lent out this special DVD to my friend Joe W who has not watched it yet! Below is that version, it's a little trippier and low pro and I dunno, just a little older I guess. It's very cool to see them enjoy so much success and exposure in so many different ways! I hope things are going well for all of them, it seems like a really long time ago since the 2 times they came through STL on tour and performed in Michael and my basement venue at the time, Spooky Action Palace. I still am a little bummed that T Bubbles character isn't in the new Z instead of S version, you'll see why when you watch the video, because it makes total sense that I'd like a character with a troll cell phone.

Here's an original Problem Solvers (with an S, not a Z) BIKE RIDE video with sweet jam as a final word and bonus:

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