Wednesday, April 13, 2011

APOP RECORDS is the FREE FUN place to be on Thursday and Saturday!

THURSDAY 4/14 (tomorrow) they're showing some awesome crazy short animations (including my personal favorite, Norman McLaren!) from 9pm-11pm, I'm totally going to go before my bowling league!

SATURDAY 4/16 is Record Store Store Day, a great national holiday that you should party down during, if not at Apop, then at another one of our fair city's fine independent record stores! If you're in another city, but want to partake in the festivities, RECORD STORE DAY'S WEBSITE can show you where to celebrate. I know Jim Utz and all my friends that work over at Vintage Vinyl in the Delmar Loop have a MEAN lineup of live acts and exclusive RSD specials listed on their site (quick, someone buy me that Joan Jett and the Blackhearts LP on CLEAR!) and for some reason I've always been partial to memories of my Mexican cousins forcing me to watch 'The Pest' over and over so I may just have to mosey on down to the loop if I have time, because John Leguizamo is doing some sort of signing for some DVD that he's on, and how cool would it be to get a picture with him?

This is an exciting holiday, if you couldn't already tell. There is an Record Store Day standard usually consisting of, but not limited to: live music, DJs, beer, discounts, prizes, and generally all sorts of fun stuff at any given participating store, so FIND ONE NEAR YOU ALREADY!

I'll be down at Apop and maybe VV when I get off work at White Flag after 5ish on Saturday. Oh yeah, and my friends Ann K. Hubbard and RØB the Pancake Master went down to Apop last year and set up a nice Fauxto Booth last year (awesome background and props as per Photómaton reputation and standards) and are rumored to be maybe setting up another one this year at Apop again, so I'll end by showing you some of the awesome fun pics they snapped last year, people had so much fun with the clicker that Ann uploaded SIXTY pages on her smug mug account, and that's even after going through and editing them to delete pics where someone's got mid sneeze or generally looking like a hot mess!

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