Monday, April 4, 2011

Friday Beer and Cookies

On Friday I went over to Taylor's after some work happy hour she had me go along with her to and her awesome neighbor Karen brought this just over half full growler of some coffee vanilla stout that was a little flat and both syrupy and watery but somehow despite that sounding not so appealing I found it absolutely delicious with her homemade chocolate chip cookies with hazelnuts. It kind of reminded me of when you get a coke float and all the ice cream is melted and so now you're drinking less carbonated creamy coca cola and then even though your tummy might still ache from eating most of that giant float in the first place, and you're on the verge of a sugar coma, you keep eating it. My mouth is watering thinking about both actually. Anyone want to take me out for any kind of float ever I'm into it. Root Beer, Coke, Orange Soda, Some delicious stout, I'm into it. Very into it.

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