Thursday, April 7, 2011

Joe W workin on my bike!

It's getting pretty close to being finished! I drove over the river and I was supposed to meet his "bike shop boyfriend" Justin, but he got sick and so Joe and I just rode bikes and ate dinner without him. Speaking of bike shop boyfriends, TJ just gave me my PINK KEVLAR TIRES about 5 minutes ago at our bowling league night at Saratoga Lanes. I'm pretty sure they are going to give my bike super powers. Joe was surprised that this picture "turned out actually pretty good" but I told him, "hey, you take good pictures of me, I gotta take good pictures of you! That's how it works!" (Eat your heart out, Robin Utz) Of course I also took some pictures of my sweet nail polish job this week next to my bike, but I'll post those next, this one's dedicated to Joe!

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