Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Mariah Dopplegangers and professions of love

My friend Mariah's 24th Bday is coming up. Pretty much from the moment we met we started text messaging pictures of our nail polish and the latest design project we're working on and emailing one another some sort of typographic illustrative photoshop tutorial or teaching one another how to do something the other one learned or critiquing the other's work, giving one another inspiration or suggestions for starting/finishing points, or just playing around with our magical cats and records and video games or cleaning out my mother's garage or wearing out my welcome on her and Bobby's couch, dyeing our hair different colors while eating too much In-N-Out Burger and spooning his sister. It's a match made in heaven, we are both so grateful for one another's friendship and love and support. I don't think it's possible for us to bruise one another's egos even when being completely brutally honest, because we both know we believe in each other's talent and success. We're like a goddamn Lisa Frank Dolphin Unicorn yin yang (see my awesome predictive abilities at the bottom of this entry in the cake I made) or something. These two pictures I came across and thought looked enough like her for me to go "Woah Mariah Dop!"... The 2nd girl is my facebook friend Lilly, the first girl I got off of some college lesbian girlfriend's tumblr blogs that link to one another.

My fb friend (who I'm still not sure I've ever met IRL but she was nice and sent me a personal message about liking my pastel colored hair and we had like 50 friends in common so I accepted) Lilly, who only reminds me of Mariah in this pic because she's pale and has blue hurr
Now for THE fabulous Mariah Kenyon shown below with me:
Mariah and I at our friend's bday in June 2010 in LBC, CA
We have been super love at first sight and she knew my brother in high school but we never met and become the best of friends (despite sharing a really good friend in common!) till I already moved so far away etc etc etc since we met last year through this craft beer sipping surf guitar playing mistake I fell head over heels over lose my brain fly home to CA a bunch of times even though he turned out to be a not so worth it make me feel bad about myself jerk though he inexplicably comes from a totally sweet family kind of guy (TMI? I don't care- it's my blog, not yours and dude was not as nice to me as I deserve) and Mariah and her years-long sweetheart Bobby are what I like to call my consolation prizes from that bad idea of an LDR. We all have to do it to learn that it's not what we actually want. Plus I got to hang out with my family and Mariah a lot last year, so it was probably a little bit worth it anyways.

So, her bday is coming up and I gotta figure out what I'm gonna be sending her. At the very bottom I've posted a pic of the cake I'm so proud of that I made for her 23rd bday party last year, where I met the lovely and giggly Faye Reagan and Coco Velvett (I will link to their twitters and YOU can figure out what NSFW industry they're in because I am not linking to anything they've starred in, Coco is basically Mariah's sister in law so we like to keep it as SFW around here for her--and my mom--as possible) and I'm still kicking myself for not taking a photo op with the two because they were wearing matching silky leopard print romper shorts outfits in different colors and for some reason I'm fixated on that outfit combo.

And now, more of my lovely Mariah:

Photo by Amanda Knost

Photo of Mariah and I record shopping by my brother Ryan Donahue

The several times aforementioned cake... HAPPY [EARLY] 24th BDAY MARIAH! I LOVE YOU!


    this is the cutest blog post ever and I'm pretty sure this is the nicest stuff I've ever heard about myself. I'm going to actually post to my blog and its just going to be pictures of you!
    gahh I'm bursting right now.


  2. So many hairs, so few colors.

    I like the record shop shot.

  3. Glad you like it, Paul. I like all the photos my brother took while record shopping that day :)

    Mariah, I'm glad you liked the post so much <3


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