Wednesday, April 20, 2011

My cat moves on the full moon fiasco this past Sunday

This picture is pretty funny. If you can't tell, I'm dressed as a kitty in a black long-sleeved skirted leotard that was my grandma's for roller skate dancing, a white bowtie, pink silky fingerless gloves, pink high top chucks, a black sequined motorcycle jacket, and tights with cats with laser red rhinestone eyes on the calves...all of which I had already. The cat eared hat is from Retro 101 on Cherokee St, they carried it around Halloween and I knew I'd use it more than just for handing out candy with Anya and her mom. When my riding companion, neighbor, and friend Liz came over before we rode to meet up with Jeff and Julie, she hung out on my porch for a minute while I put shoes (& whiskers) on and she said it was extra funny when I came out dressed as a cat because my 2 cats were hanging out meowing at her in the window and then two orange outdoor cats from around our neighborhood had been around the porch and so it was extra cat party time. Pretty funny, I almost feel like I was perpetuating a stereotype of myself since I seem to blog about cats so much, but I kinda just went with it and I had a great time! I'm bummed I forgot to get a picture with my new friend Nathan where I would act scared of him dressed up in fox ears and a really rad and toothy wolf mask he made out of cardbord...that would have been way more interesting than the picture we are just standing in the background of. Whatevs, it might've gotten us more inquiries as to whether or not we were furries, so maybe it was good I forgot I wanted to stage that picture. Hm. More pictures from the ride to come!

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