Monday, May 2, 2011

BRIAN DEPAULI POUNDING BEER (showing his animations)

My friend Brian DePauli sent out an email last week alerting us that he'll be showing us his animations--if you like Stag beer as much as my friends do, or love the can design as much as I do--you'll love these. I've posted about this body of work before, and I'm gonna try to catch his showing of these for sure. If you've never been to Handlebar, you'll love this place. Oh yeah, and he shaved off his beard and gave himself a really handsome haircut, so now he looks like the homeowner that he is instead of looking so scraggly. Here's the to the point email:

I will be showing my POUNDING BEER animations at the Handle Bar movie night Tuesday May 3rd.  Starts around 8.

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