Thursday, May 5, 2011

Help me choose a swimsuit please

My butt outgrew the one I got at Target last year and everyone I went on a float trip with was like "we weren't gonna say anything but you weren't getting much coverage" so I am looking for a cool new one piece to wear and luckily my internet friend James Lillis of Black Milk who writes TOO MANY TIGHTS now designs amazing awesome swimwear. PS IF ANYONE EVER HAS TO BUY ME A GIFT, THIS IS USUALLY A GOOD PLACE TO GO. I only own one pair of his leggings (and I either misplaced them or lent them out to someone who never gave them back which is a shammmee and makes me sad 1/5 times that I go to get dressed) and they are so fucking amazing and soft they feel like they are made out of a baby seal kitten black magic panther riding a moonbeam but maybe I should have waited til he started making high waisted leggings because then i can be even softer!

If anyone else knows where to get awesome one pieces on the internet for under a hundred bucks, send me some links.


  1. I like the one all the way at the top, and the one all the way at the bottom, third would be the black and white one that's right above the one with the giant skull.

  2. I have to insist on the second one from the bottom. Well to swim at my house anyway.

  3. Yeah I like all the skeletons and ribs and stuff too

  4. ok i need one. i need a new suit to cover my butt too since all my bathing suits i've had since i was in high school. this will be my summer splurge. i'm thinkin the money suit, the moonwalker suit, or the red galaxy for myself. then we won't be matching if we ever end up at the same pool party haha!

  5. Leah I actually thought you'd look SO COOL in one in one of the spacemen ones!!!!


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