Friday, May 20, 2011

Taylor's birthday nails

I painted Taylor's nails grey for her birthday and then I painted them with a matte topcoat to make the color flat, and last I took a detail brush and dipped it in regular shiny topcoat and painted polka dots on one hand and stripes on the other. I told her I was inspired by things she likes, and The Kinks song "dedicated follower of fashion" where they sing "one week he's in polka dots, the next he is in stripes, cuz he's a dedicated follower of fashion" ...she drew that pattern on her drapes and I love them so I made her pose by them. We are celebrating with friends at the bleeding deacon this evening after 8, so if you find yourself there tonight, feel free to say hi and remember to say happy birthday. Ps I turn 25 this coming thursday on the 26th. I haven't made birthday plans yet because I'm going to Chicago that weekend for a wedding and I want to party the following weekend, so mark your calendar or let me know if it's bad.

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  1. Ach sorry I stood you gals up today. I really wanted to hit the zoo! Too many pitchers at Rockin' Gators last night. Hope Taylor had a good one, she is a cool lady!


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