Tuesday, May 3, 2011


My new(ish) friend Worful is having an art show in Kansas City at this skate shop called Escapist on Friday. I'm thinking if I can find a place to stay and still get back to work Saturday evening's opening at White Flag,  I wanna go.  I like everything he makes, and I've seen a lot of the stuff he's putting in the show and it all looks great. I've only been to KC once to see a tiny vices show in 2007 a month after we had the one at White Flag and since I had a megawickedstillexisting crush on Tim Barber but also had a boyfriend so I could not do anything except crush and flirt, I just ended up getting extremely drunk and embarrassed myself because I'm sure did not make much sense to poor Jaimie Warren and Peggy Noland and their roommate Alex (it is unknown to me if he has a website but he was cool and we got along!) who were all kind enough to let me crash on their floor. Maybe one of them will let me do that again and this time I will not be nervous and 20 (or newly 21 I think acutally?) and get too drunk and have an all around better time. Here's the flyer and check out his site I linked to above and if I go I'll snap some pics I'm sure.

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