Sunday, June 12, 2011

The FURminator works just like the ad says it will!

I was recently talking to some other kitty owners about summer shedding and how great the FURminator brush is and how it turns out a company here in STL makes them! Then we talked about how gross all this cat hair on everything is or that any time I go to snuggle or pick them up, whatever it is that I'm wearing gets COVERED in cat hair and I'm getting so sick of it, especially since I'm dating someone who is allergic to cats! I've really wanted to just borrow some clippers from someone and shave them both because it takes less time than grooming them regularly. It'd be less money than taking them to a groomer, but I guess the advantage to paying someone to do it is that they're used to dealing with surly animals who need restraining for haircuts.
I don't know who I can borrow clippers from to use on my cats, but I hope someone does! A while back my friend Anya sent me a link to some girl's cat blog that had an entry on crafting with cat hair and I was appalled, but I guess I can see how a felting enthusiast might come up with that idea after seeing how much hair comes off of them while using this cat brush!

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  1. I worked at an agency with the guy who ended up inventing the furminator. HE and his wife then became crazy rich running their company. Then they sold it for an insane amount of money. Then ended up consulting for the company still making crazy money.


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