Sunday, June 12, 2011

I made soup even though it's summer

I love soup, what can I say? It's fun to make and it stretches out for so many meals that you only have to heat up! Then if you get sick of it before it's gone, you can put small portions of it in gladware or ziploc or other disposable-but-reusable tupperwares and freeze it for later or give some to your friends! I have LOTS of it (I put about 16 cups of water in my big dutch oven cast iron pot IN ADDITION TO all the ingredients...Sooo I have at least a gallon or two of soup) and I'd never used boneless cuts of chicken before, so I was a little worried about the flavor of the stock I was making, but I think it just turned out to be less fatty cuts of meat because there was a lot less oil on the top of the pot, and any tiny tastes and smells I took seem full of flavor! I am about to eat the first bowl to see how it turned out! Also I've been very jealous of people with gardens lately if anyone wants to give me veggies from their garden I am an excellent home cook and I like challenges of finding recipes or substitutions for special diets if I have to work around that, so If you have a garden and want to see me make something delish that we can both enjoy, I'm into it!

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