Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Rose and I showed up in matching red outfits by total accident we swear!

But we ladies in red are totally ready to ride our bikes tonight with the FBC for the full strawberry moon fiasco number 76! We rode our bikes to Saratoga Lanes with RØB the pancake master and mike herr the supatree sweetheart to bowl our three wednesday evening league games before we get going to go on another bike ride with 200 or so of our closest friends. I missed out on the flag day ride last night so I put my flag of sorts in my backpack but I'm scared to wear it because it's a sequined confederate flag vest I got at a thrift store as a gag costume gift I never ended up giving to an ex boyfriend before we broke it off. We'll see if I get brave and ironic enough to pretend to call the civil war the war of northern aggression or some bullshit. Maybe I'll save it for the yosemite sam costume I never ended up making for Aprilween.

PS- Remember when I tried to make a single topic blog about matching outfits and then kind of lost steam after one way too long post? Woops.

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