Sunday, June 19, 2011


SO. I captioned this old photo of my brother and my dad at a carnival in homage to conspiracy theorist viral video fame who made this crazy rant that got everyone thinking that there really was a time traveler talking on a cell phone at the premiere of Charlie Chaplin's film "The Circus" in the 1920's and I'll link to the original video but I'm not posting it because it's 8 minutes long and the one below shows the footage, debunks it, and explains it all in under 30 seconds. I thought this would be funny to caption this picture because my dad is an engineer and always prides himself to be so up on gadgets and technology that he actually DID have a cell phone at the point this picture was taken--I think probably the kind that you have to either strap to the inside of your trunk or the side of the center console of your car with a curly tangly cord-- so I wouldn't be surprised if he figured out a way to use text messaging before it was popularized, even though he formats all his texts to me in letter format with gr8 txt abbrevs sprinkled in there with whole words too. Love you, Daddio.


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