Friday, July 8, 2011

Feeling love for liberace lately

I'm embarrassed to say that I don't think I've ever had a chance to investigate his famed ivory tickling and see if I like what made him a legend, but I do know that I've heard jokes that go something like "[insert noun]'s gayer than LIBERACE!" and my favorite line of the song "Mr Sandman" has always been the part where The Chordettes swoon and pray that he send them a tailor-made dreamy man and to "Give him a lonely heart like Pagliacci...And lots of wavy hair like Liberace" which I always thought was HILARIOUS given that Liberace is now known as one of the most famous homosexuals in history, amiright? Trust me, now that I've pointed it out, you're gonna giggle under your breath next time you hear the song, which could be as soon as right now since I've so graciously linked for you on the correct verse.

Either way, Liberace has sparked my interest and set my heart on fire from three (and now four) images. The first is when I was in the airport last and flipped through the issue of Harper's Bazaar with Lady Gaga on the cover, and inside I found this super hot image I still can't stop thinking about with Gaga in lingerie and high heeled booties showing off her tattoos while perched on all fours atop Liberace's mirrored grand piano.

The second image is Liberace in his piano shaped swimming pool
and the third is Liberace being carried by Reno/Sparks'  John Ascaugua's Nugget Casino's famous elephant performer Bertha. She lived to be 48 years old and performed at the Nugget for a whopping 37 of them! I saw Bertha open up for CHARO several years in a row with my grandma growing up in Reno.

The fourth bonus image is Andrew WK playing one of Liberace's mirrored pianos, which sounds like it'd make for the most awesome show ever. I found this via thesarahbennet's flickr, where there are more from that particular show.

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