Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Float trippin with some sk8 boys last Friday

Float trip number one down this summer, scheduled to go on my 2nd (and probably last of the summer) this Friday with the people I've gone floating with for the past 2 years on 4th of July. This year it didn't work out and we all made other plans for the 4th, so we are going a little late. I hope my waterproof camera is in working order by then (the battery is unpredictable when it'll hold a charge bc it's getting old) so I don't have to rely on whoever buys a waterproof disposable.

ANYWAYS. This past Friday I went floating in two canoes on the Meramec River with 4 skateboard boys: STL dudes Randy (who is in order for a great big congrats bc he just got named a PRO by The High Five) and Drew got us all together because Ari and Vlad were here visiting from AZ again (they visited earlier this summer too) and I watched them jump from trees, we encountered a bunch of cows getting a cool drink of water, and stopped into a cave, but didn't go too far in (because it was very dark and Randy broke his flashlight bulb before we set off), and generally had so much fun in the sun that I got home with the intention of "resting" for an hour to go on the FBC full moon fiasco, but totally fell asleep and woke up at 2 am with all my lights and TV on. Here's the account from the Pretty Skateboards blog, and are the pics I developed yesterday:

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  1. I'm so jealous of your life sometimes! <3 your such a cutie


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